How to improve processing efficiency of grain processing plants?


Peeling and polishing machines are widely used in grain processing plants, and are mainly used to remove the skin of grains and improve product quality.

  1. The peeling and polishing process of raw grains in grain processing plants can effectively improve food quality!

  Peeling and polishing machines are widely used in grain processing plants, and are mainly used to remove the skin of grains and improve product quality. In the grain processing plant, the peeling and polishing machine can easily remove the skin of the grains and prepare for the next processing. The peeling and polishing machine has the functions of peeling and separating. Under the condition of reasonable operation, its peeling rate is high, the quality is reliable, and the operation is convenient. Therefore, these places must be paid attention to when using the peeling polishing machine.

grain peeling and polishing machine

  2. The process length and complexity of the multigrain plant cleaning system can be adjusted according to the type of wheat and the planned flour quality. Unnecessary or excessive cleaning increases unnecessary production costs. If we produce high-concentration flour, the cleaning process is short and the cleaning space is small, only impurities that may damage the equipment can be removed, and there are more impurities and most of the contaminated wheat are not removed; if producing hard semolina or flour, With strict requirements on color and ash content, the washing system must remove impurities that directly affect flour quality, but may result in a reduction in the discharge of dirty wheat and impurities.

Circulate Air Separator

  3. Reasonable suction adjustment can improve the process effect of the powder cleaner in the grain processing plant. In the milling process of the grain processing plant, the main purpose of milling is to separate the wheat residue and wheat core into bran crumbs, skinned endosperm and pure endosperm particles through the combined action of airflow and sieving. To achieve the purification of grains. Simple screening cannot achieve the purpose of washing face. To produce flour with high flour yield, manufacturers must configure a purifier machine.

purifier machine

  4. The quality of the impurity removal effect of the miscellaneous grain processing plant has a lot to do with the level of the operators. Whether the material is the quality of the equipment or the type of impurities, it requires rich experience in impurity removal to match the operation level. The effect of the effect is very direct. We should continuously improve the operation level and improve the effect of removing impurities from miscellaneous grains.

  5. There are many products that can be processed by grain processing plants. Our common agricultural products, such as sorghum, corn, barley, etc., can basically be processed in the primary level. Of course, since different crops have different product requirements, the manufacturer recommends that you use grain processing equipment for deep processing of agricultural products. For example, buckwheat processing equipment, oat flour milling machine, etc., the flour produced in this way is of good quality and high added value.



grain cleaning machine in grain processing plant



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