How Oatmeal Products Are Made?

Oatmeal manufacture involves harvesting, washing, steaming, and hulling the oats. Standard oats are steel-cut, whereas quick-cooking oats are rolled between cylinders to produce a flatter flake. Once flaked, the oats are roasted and packaged. […]

Why grain cleaning is important?

Cleaned grain and seed is of a higher quality, which helps preparing for next processing and deep-processing. is important?WIN TONE'S grain cleaners are the first and most important piece of equipment used to clean any type of grain, seed or beans. […]

Grain and Seed Cleaning Systems

Grain and Seed Cleaning System is a complete solution for ensuring precise cleaning of a range of grains and seeds. Grain and Seed Cleaning Systems are available in both static and mobile options, giving the option for added flexibility. […]

What is used to clean grains?

A seed cleaner uses a combination of winnowing with a fan to remove lighter particles (e.g. empty grains) and sifting with sieves on an oscillating screen to remove particles that are smaller (e.g. weed seeds) and larger particles (e.g. straw). […]

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