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Product Information

  Chickpea introduction

  Chickpeas are popular in many countries, such as India, Australia, Pakistan, Turkey and so on. Chickpeas are rich in iron, folate, phosphorus, protein and dietary fiber. Chickpeas are low in fat and most of this is polyunsaturated. Scientists researched that chickpea consumption may lower blood cholesterol. Therefore, chickpeas and chickpea products have become one of the healthy food in our diet. And it goes without saying that chickpeas processing equipment will also become more and more popular.

chickpea processing plant

  Chickpea processing plant here refers to chickpea peeling and flour milling equipmentand chickpea cleaning processing equipment, which usually includes the following processing steps as below:

  1. Chickpea cleaning section: it adopts two screening sections, two destoning sections, one magnetic separation section, and removes the big, small and light impurities, pebbles and magnetic material from the beans to ensure the quality of the end products.

  2. Chickpea color sorting section: it adopts the color sorter to separate the moldy kernels, shriveled beans and foreign species of beans according to the color and luster feature of the beans.

chickpea cleaning processing plant

  3. Chickpea peeling section: it adopts peeling, brushing and shunting technology (it can utilize the segregation valve to choose peeling and brushing according to the material character.)

  1)Chickpea peeling machine: it can peel the bean bran and separate and collect it by effective aspiration system;

  2)Brushing machine: it can separate the micro bran and dust which adheres to the material surface.

  4. Grading section: it adopts different screens and classify the material into different grades according to the size.

chickpea flour milling plant

  5. Chickpea bean kernel making and grits milling section: it adopts the technology of three peeling sections, one grits making section, grading and suspension.

  1)Peeling section: it can peel the bean bran and separate and collect it by effective aspiration system and produce whole peeled kernels;

  2) Bean grits making machine: it uses fine bean grits machine and mill beans into bean grits;

  3) Bean kernels and bean grits grading machine: it adopts different screens and classifies bean kernels or bean grits into different grades according to the size.

  4)Suspension: it separates bean bran by utilizing airflow according to different material gravity.

  6. Bean flour milling section: it adopts the technology of burdening, several processes of grinding and screening and grading.

  1)Burdening: it can mix different material according to different requirements for different products;

  2)Grinding: it can grind or mill the beans into fine bean flour by the professional bean grinder;

  3)Screening: it separates the bean flour.

  Soy flour and grits enhance the nutrition and texture of products. Available in a variety of granulations, soy flour and grits have multiple uses, including extending the freshness and shelf-life of many foods.

  7. Measuring and packaging section: storage can reduce the amount of labor used. Measuring can be artificial or electronic.

chickpea processing plant

  The main equipments and functions

  1. Vibrating sifter: particle materials cleaning and grading.

  2. Bean peeling machine: chickpea peeling.

  4. Bean brushing machine: dust, broken pericarp and mud cleaning

  5. Bean grinder: chickpea flour milling

  6. Electrical measuring and packaging machine

chickpea peeling and flour milling equipment .jpg

processed chickpea

  The parameter for the whole chickpea peeling and flour milling processing plant:



Power (kw)

Power Consumption(kw/h)


Workshop Dimension(l*w*h/m)





10*4*4 (steel structure)





16*5*5 (steel structure)





20*5*5 (steel structure)





20*5*7 (steel structure)





30*5*7 (steel structure)


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