Small grain processing equipment in China


The use of miscellaneous grains processing equipment to transform the raw materials of grains and miscellaneous grains into the leading agricultural product processing industry has become the pillar industry of economic development,

  With the improvement of today's living standards, the problem of food and clothing has long been solved, and more and more people have begun to pay attention to the health of their diet. Multigrain can meet the human body's needs for various trace elements, which is good for the body! Therefore, grain processing equipment is also used as the times require. And it was born! Let's take a look at how grain processing equipment promotes economic development!

  The use of miscellaneous grains processing equipment to transform the raw materials of grains and miscellaneous grains into the leading agricultural product processing industry has become the pillar industry of economic development, and has effectively improved the living standards of Chinese farmers. The miscellaneous grain processing equipment is very helpful for the extension of the profits of the miscellaneous grain industry chain. It greatly improves our economic interests and is of great benefit to our economic development. Who can become the future enterprises in the grain processing equipment industry? Undoubtedly those enterprises with high-tech products. The sales volume of high-tech equipment products has grown steadily. Among similar products, automatic equipment will gradually replace semi-automatic equipment, and advanced equipment will gradually replace backward equipment. The technical level of products will become a key factor in determining the market share of enterprises.

Small grain processing equipment in China

  Development trend of grain processing equipment

  The parts in contact with grain in grain processing machinery will use more alloy and non-metal materials to prevent corrosion and ensure the cleanliness of finished grain; the frame will be made of light metal and thin-walled steel structure to reduce weight and maximize the use of the internal space of the equipment Arrange components to reduce volume.

  The service life and interchangeability of working parts and moving parts will further increase the price of grain processing equipment, while the number of fastening points and parts will be simplified and reduced to shorten the assembly and disassembly time of working parts and reduce scattered parts. One machine with multiple functions and automatic control and protection devices for equipment will be further developed. In addition, since the flour milled after the wheat is milled, more flour with good color can be obtained, so the wheat milling equipment also has a promising future.

Small grain processing equipment in China

  What is the main purpose of the coarse grain processing equipment? First of all, we can see that it is mainly used to process coarse grains. At present, the grain processing equipment manufacturers, ordinary people in the market are grain grinders, oat rice manufacturing equipment, buckwheat flour processing equipment, etc. With the improvement of people's living standards, these rough grain processing equipments are more and more widely used in the market.

  Now it is advocated to eat grains. Grains milled through multigrain processing equipment have good taste, nutrition and health.

  Coarse grain processing equipment can process corn stripping and milling. For example, the grain peeler, which uses dry corn husking and defiltration technology, achieves a defiltration rate of 98%. The equipment can produce corn kernels (corn grit), corn germ, corn flour and other products. With additional equipment it can be further processed into refined cornmeal (fine taste, pure, up to 100 mesh), polenta, fast food cornmeal, corn oil, cornmeal, etc.

Small grain processing equipment in China

  There are many grain processing equipment on the market now, such as quinoa processing equipment, buckwheat processing equipment, oat processing equipment, pepper milling equipment, etc. People see their processed products in the food processing market. In order to meet the development needs of the market, the grain processing market is only committed to the transformation of the industry, and it is also to improve the development of the grain processing industry. Then, whether the functional technology of grain processing equipment can meet the production needs, what aspects should we come from? to operate.

  1. Adopt high and new technology to improve the production efficiency of grain processing equipment, reduce energy consumption, increase yield and added value, and maintain the nutritional content, flavor and safety of grains.

  2. Introduce new grain processing equipment and new grain products with higher technical content and more humanization, which greatly improves the performance of the equipment.

  3. The high-tech is applied to the grain processing equipment to manufacture and produce high-grade and high-level equipment.

Small grain processing equipment in China

  Multigrain processing equipment is used in multigrain flour factories, as well as in some food factories and cake workshops. Due to the diversification and complexity of multigrain, there are generally many types of grains that need to be processed, which poses a serious challenge to the function of the equipment. It is required that the manufacturers of grain processing equipment need to continuously improve the functional technology and process of the equipment, and meet the market demand in order to make the grain processing equipment develop better. The grain processing equipment can adjust the fineness of different products according to the needs of users, without adding a sieving machine. One-time powder without residual residue, high yield, and saves the trouble of repeated and repeated processing, and also saves processing time.

Small grain processing equipment in China

  The grain industry started late, the technology content and added value of the products are low, and the processing equipment for grains produced is relatively simple. Multigrain flour occupies a small share in the flour market, and the overall benefit is not high, while the processing of multigrain is more difficult, and the products are prone to problems of poor purity, poor flour quality, and coarse particles.

  Multigrain processing manufacturers need to analyze the existing related grain processing equipment technology and equipment, combine with new technologies, comprehensively optimize resources and use them in the processing of wheat grain flour, so as to provide theoretical basis for the design of grain flour production process and the development of equipment. To achieve the purpose of clean production. Grain processing equipment

Small grain processing equipment in China

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