How much is the grain processing equipment?


杂粮加工设备生产:小型面粉机成套设备的检查注意事项 1、小型面粉机成套设备的操作: (1)开机时流量的调节,喂料活门开启程度的调节范围应与粉路的流量平衡相适应,不能过

Production of grain processing equipment: precautions for inspection of complete sets of small flour mills

        1. Operation of complete sets of small flour mills:

        (1) The adjustment range of the flow rate when starting up, the adjustment range of the opening degree of the feeding valve should be adapted to the flow balance of the powder path, and should not be too large or too small.

        (2) Adjustment of the feeding mechanism of the pulverizer. When adjusting the feeding mechanism of each pulverizer, the flow rate on the length of each grinding roller should be uniform and the material properties should be consistent.

        (3) The adjustment of the grinding effect of the complete set of small flour mill equipment, according to the technological properties of the material, the requirements for powder output, the control of the flow rate of 1 skin mill, and the adjustment of the gauge of 1 skin mill, so that the adjusted gauge of 1 skin mill meets the requirements The grinding degree of 1 skin grinding can not reach the predetermined grinding effect, which will directly affect the grinding effect and system stability of other mills.

grain processing equipment price

grain processing equipment price


It cleans and removes impurities, shells, peels or grinds and sieves raw grains to make them into different grades of granular or powdered finished grains.

The technological process of grain processing can be divided into two categories:

Process 1

It is to shell and peel raw grains such as rice, sorghum, millet, and millet, and grind them into granular finished grains;

Process 2

It is to remove the cortex and germ of raw grains such as wheat, corn, barley, buckwheat, and naked oats, and grind them into finished powder.

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How does the grain processing equipment process grains into flour. There are various foods such as rice, millet, corn, wheat, etc. in our lives. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, grains are now very popular among people. The grains are produced through grain processing equipment.

Multigrain processing equipment is a main method of grain processing, including grinding, sieving, cleaning, etc. The products include corn flour, sorghum flour, millet flour, barley flour, oat flour and buckwheat flour. The force peels the endosperm from the cortex and grinds it to a fine powder.

How to process grains into flour through grain processing equipment requires the following steps:

1. First of all, the miscellaneous grains should be cleaned up. This process includes removing dirt, dust, garbage, and iron filings.

2. Adjust the moisture of grains.

3. Grinding, after the above process, the miscellaneous grains are sent to the mill for grinding.

4. The milled mixed coarse flour falls into the sieving mechanism to separate flour and bran.

The key to stepwise stratified milling is how to separate the endosperm and cortex as completely as possible. The milling process of miscellaneous grains mainly includes cleaning, grinding, sieving and other processes.

Grain processing equipment has a very important position in the food machinery industry. With the diversified development of diet, the classification of grain equipment is becoming more and more refined, including corn processing equipment, buckwheat processing equipment, millet processing equipment, oat processing equipment, beans Processing equipment, highland barley processing equipment, quinoa processing equipment, etc., basically all grains can be processed with their corresponding technology and equipment.


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