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5T/H Red/White Kidney Bean Cleaning Line
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5T/H Red/White Kidney Bean Cleaning Line

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Product Information

  5T/H Red Kidney Bean Cleaning Line

  Technology introduction

  The detailed cleaning steps for the whole bean cleaning plant are listed as below:

  Air screen cleaner- destoner -- gravity separator -- magnetic machine -- polishing machine --- Color-Sorting -- Grading machine -- packing machine.

kidney bean cleaning machine

  1. Air screen cleaner:

  It is to clean the dust, light impurity through vertical air screen according to grain’s aerodynamic feature, then go into vibration sieve, clean big and small impurity, and remove the stone different size with grain. Four-layer screening machine classify to big, middle and small grain.

  It is to clean dust, leaf, light impurity and separate the grain/seed to three grades: big size, medium size and small size. This machine can separate the stone different size with grain/seed, but can not remove the same size ones with grain or seed.


  Destoner is employed for the efficient removal of stones, glass and other high-density matter from the grain stream. The throughput capacities vary according to product and degree of contamination.

kidney bean cleaning line

  3.Aspiration Separator

  The TQFX series air suction separator is used for removing the light impurities ( such as: grain skin, dust and so on) from the grain material ( such as: wheat, rice, corn, oil material and so on). It is suitable for the grain depot, flour milling plant, rice processing plant,corn processing plant, oil expression plant, animal food plant and so on.

kidney bean cleaning line

  4.Gravity Separator

  The main function of the separator is to remove grass, branches and leaves, hemp ropes ,dust, and imperfect ,moth (worm)-eaten or fragmentizedseeds or grainsaccroding to different weight principle.

  The machine is composed of base, shell, air supply system, horizontal and vertical angle adjustment device, vibrator and sieve cover. Stainless steel sieve covers of different meshes are selected according to raw seeds which reach an optimized fluidized and grading state on the operation platform by adjusting air flow.

kidney bean cleaning machine


  This machine is used to remove clay and dust on the surface of wheat, corn, sunflower seeds and other grain, after brushing, the surface cleanliness of grain increased significantly. This machine use hair brush to clean surface of grain, so it doesn’t scratch grains.

  The machine is an ideal pericarp processing equipment for its compact and flexible structure, convenient operation and good effect.

Kidney bean polishing machine

  6.Bucket Elevator

  The TDTGK series bucket elevator is a fixed mechanism for hauling materials. It uses the bucket to contain powders, particles or small bulk materials, and then elevates the bucket in a vertical and continuous way. This machine is commonly seen in different-sized feed manufacturing plants, flour processing mills, starch factories and cereal storage stations.

elevator of bean cleaning line

  7.Color Sorter

  Color Sorter Machine has super data transmission and processing technology

  Professional image processing CPU and high speed circuit design with high frequency, which substantially improves the speed of image processing and color sorting accuracy.

  Color Sorter Machine has high-definition CCD image acquisition system

  Accurate extraction of red, green and blue and all the characteristics of the material information, and can detect about 0.1mm spots and subtle color difference.

bean color sorter

  8.Grading machine

  It is to separate the beans to different size: big, medium and small size.

  Packaging Machine

  The net bagging scale MWBW is suitable for packing open-mouth bags made of paper, plastic, jute, or cotton with a filling weight ranging from 10 kg to 50 kg. Its capacity ranges between 2 and 7 bags per minute. This bag packing machine can be applied both for freeflowing and non-freeflowing products, which are fed directly into the bags by a screw, belt, or slide-gate feeder. Due to the low drop of the product, the MWBW is the ideal choice for very dusty or hygroscopic bulk materials. Intelligent technology for maximum weighing accuracy.

kidney bean cleaning machine

  Technical Parameter:

  Capacity 5T/H

  Total power: 77.89KW, Three phase 380v 50Hz

  Cleaning rate:99%

  Raw Material: kidney bean

  Dimension of Workshop: 16 m long, 9m wide, 6.5 m high

  Successful Oversea Cases

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