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Production of miscellaneous grain processing equipment: inspection precautions for complete sets of small flour mills 1. Operation of complete sets of s

Production of miscellaneous grain processing equipment: inspection precautions for complete sets of small flour mills


        1. Operation of complete sets of small flour mills:


        (1) For the adjustment of the flow rate when starting up, the adjustment range of the opening degree of the feeding valve should be adapted to the flow balance of the powder path, and should not be too large or too small.


        (2) The adjustment of the feeding mechanism of the mill. When adjusting the feeding mechanism of each mill, the flow rate on the length of each grinding roller should be uniform and the material properties should be consistent.


        (3) The adjustment of the grinding effect of the complete set of small flour mills, according to the technological properties of the material, the powder requirements, the flow rate of the first leather mill, and the adjustment of the gauge of the first leather mill, so that the gauge of the first leather mill meets the regulations after adjustment. The degree of grinding, the failure of 1 skin mill to achieve the predetermined grinding effect will directly affect the grinding effect of other mills and the stability of the system

Chinese grain machinery manufacturer

In addition to daily inspection and maintenance, grain processing equipment usually requires annual overhaul. The quality of maintenance must be guaranteed. During the maintenance process of the equipment motor, all parameters must meet the technical requirements of the original machine. The quality of replacement parts and enameled wires must be strictly controlled. All processes must be operated correctly. Because man-made accidents must be prevented, the operation of the repaired motor must be improved. Only the quality control system can make the grain processing equipment run well.

In recent years, with the gradual improvement of people's living standards, more and more healthy foods have begun to enter our table. As the name suggests, coarse grain processing equipment is used to process coarse grains. This device is also very common in our daily life. Safety is always an important issue for users of grain processing equipment. Let's take a look at the safety of grain processing equipment in the production process.

Chinese grain machinery manufacturer

What are the problems that users of miscellaneous grain processing equipment should pay attention to during use? In the process of using miscellaneous grain processing equipment to produce corn food, corn processing manufacturers must pay attention to many issues in order to ensure the quality of processed corn products and improve the production of manufacturers. efficiency. Many processes are not easy to be taken seriously during the production process. During the production process, the quality of processed food is poor and the processing machinery is damaged due to failure to detect problems. So, what are the problems that users should pay attention to when using mechanical processing?

Chinese grain machinery manufacturer

When processing multigrain flour, in addition to the bacteria inherent in the raw materials, there are also bacteria brought in by other pollution during the processing. Due to the existence of bacteria, it will greatly affect the quality of food, causing the flour to deteriorate in advance and shorten the shelf life. Therefore, the sterilization process is an indispensable and necessary link in the production of grain processing equipment. The sterilization process used by miscellaneous grain processing equipment when processing miscellaneous grain flour: 1. Ultra-high pressure sterilization: After high pressure acts on materials, it will cause changes in the morphology, biochemical reactions, genetic mechanisms, and cell wall membranes of microorganisms, thereby affecting The original physiological activities of microorganisms destroy or irreversibly change the original functions. Ultra-high pressure sterilization can better maintain the original nutritional content of the material, and the processed food has a suitable taste, bright color, and a long shelf life. Very high, the pressure-sensitive ingredients in the food are damaged to a certain extent.

Chinese grain machinery manufacturer

At present, domestic miscellaneous grain processing equipment is gradually being paid attention to, and the variety of miscellaneous grain products is also increasing. In the future, we should pay more attention to the deep processing of the miscellaneous grains industry, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, aim at domestic and foreign market demand, use international quality standards to develop products with high added value, improve the processing technology at the same time, and develop good-tasting, etc., to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets with marketable commodities.


There are more and more grain processing equipment manufacturers now, and the production situation has gradually changed, developing towards the direction of deep processing, and self-employed are also changing towards factory operation. The circulation of miscellaneous grains is more convenient, and the trading volume of miscellaneous grains of large, medium and small manufacturers is increasing year by year. Wholesalers, logistics distributors and operators are all appearing on the market, and the transaction volume is also increasing, and the circulation is more convenient. The retail enterprises of miscellaneous grains are developing rapidly.Chinese grain machinery manufacturer


According to the classification standard of miscellaneous grains processing equipment, common miscellaneous grains include quinoa, highland barley, millet, ground oats, sorghum, tartary buckwheat, and sweet buckwheat. According to the classification of common miscellaneous grains, the corresponding processing equipment is quinoa processing equipment and highland barley processing equipment. , millet processing equipment, oat processing equipment, naked oat processing equipment, sorghum processing equipment, tartary buckwheat processing equipment, sweet buckwheat processing equipment, bean polishing and sorting equipment, etc. This is also a relatively complete common equipment in the miscellaneous grain processing equipment industry.

Through the research and continuous development and improvement of miscellaneous grain equipment, the production of miscellaneous grain processing equipment has greatly improved in terms of equipment multi-purpose and versatility, and the advantages have been more fully demonstrated, providing our customers with economical and easy-to-use miscellaneous grain equipment , to help them reduce the competitive cost in the industry competition, so universal and multi-purpose grain processing equipment is the future trend of the grain equipment manufacturing industry.

Chinese grain machinery manufacturer

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