Supply: small corn grain processing equipment manufacturer of small corn grain processing equipment


Supply: small corn grain processing equipment manufacturer of small corn grain processing equipment

Production of miscellaneous grain processing equipment: inspection precautions for complete sets of small flour mills

        1. Operation of complete sets of small flour mills:

        (1) For the adjustment of the flow rate when starting up, the adjustment range of the opening degree of the feeding valve should be adapted to the flow balance of the powder path, and should not be too large or too small.

        (2) The adjustment of the feeding mechanism of the mill. When adjusting the feeding mechanism of each mill, the flow rate on the length of each grinding roller should be uniform and the material properties should be consistent.

        (3) The adjustment of the grinding effect of the complete set of small flour mills, according to the technological properties of the material, the powder requirements, the flow rate of the first leather mill, and the adjustment of the gauge of the first leather mill, so that the gauge of the first leather mill meets the regulations after adjustment. The degree of grinding, the failure of 1 skin mill to achieve the predetermined grinding effect will directly affect the grinding effect of other mills and the stability of the system.

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The machinery and equipment for cleaning and removing impurities, shelling, peeling or grinding and screening raw grains to make them into different grades of granular or powdery finished grains.

The technological process of grain processing can be divided into two categories:

Process 1

It is to shell and peel raw grains such as rice, sorghum, millet, millet, etc., and grind them into granular finished grains;

Process 2

It is to remove the cortex and germ from raw grains such as wheat, corn, barley, buckwheat, naked oats, etc., and grind them into finished powder.

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Development trend

The parts in contact with grain in grain processing machinery will use more alloy and non-metallic materials to prevent corrosion and ensure the cleanliness of finished grain; the frame will use light metal and thin-walled steel structure to reduce weight and maximize the use of equipment internal space Arrange components to reduce volume. The service life and interchangeability of working parts and moving parts will be further improved, while the number of fastening points and parts will be simplified and reduced to shorten the assembly and disassembly time of working parts and reduce scattered parts. One machine with multiple functions and automatic control and protection devices of equipment will be further developed. In addition, since more flour with good color and luster can be obtained after wheat is milled, wheat milling equipment also has a promising future.


What are the advantages and processing effects of miscellaneous grain processing equipment in the grain processing industry?

In the grain processing industry, there are many processing equipment, such as rice processing equipment, corn processing equipment, millet processing equipment, milling processing equipment, etc. There is also a kind of equipment that is miscellaneous grain processing equipment. In fact, the equipment is far more than these, and there are Many are listed in detail. Processing Select the appropriate processing equipment for production according to your own processing needs. So what are the advantages of miscellaneous grain processing equipment in grain processing equipment, and what is the effect of the food processed by the equipment? Advantages of miscellaneous grain processing equipment in the grain processing industry:

1. The miscellaneous grain equipment can automatically and continuously carry out the steps of cleaning, stone removal, peeling, grinding and polishing of miscellaneous grains. The process is very smooth and the maintenance is also very convenient.

2. The processing equipment uses energy-saving processing components, which reduces the overall power consumption.

3. The miscellaneous grains processing equipment uses the technical process of first peeling and then processing, which solves the problem of shells in the traditional process, and the grinding is uniform and easy to process.



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Coarse grain processing equipment manufacturers have adopted cleaning equipment, shelling equipment, new milling equipment and grading equipment. The application of these technologies and equipment makes the miscellaneous grain processing equipment have the advantages of high rice yield and low broken rice rate. Miscellaneous grains processing equipment Miscellaneous grains processing equipment uses a fully automatic production process, which can complete the removal of impurities and peeling of miscellaneous grains. The processing time is very flexible and can be processed and produced throughout the day. Just pay attention to the heat dissipation of the machine. The quality of the produced miscellaneous grain products is guaranteed, and the processing cost is low. The grain processing equipment is compact and reasonable in structure, sturdy and durable, well protected, beautiful in appearance, small in size, light in weight, easy to install and transport, simple to operate, and convenient to maintain.


millet processing equipment


The complete set of millet processing equipment belongs to the scope of miscellaneous grain processing equipment. At present, it is not as widely used as wheat flour processing equipment. Raise the trend.




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