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Stainless Steel Oat Roller Machine
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Stainless Steel Oat Roller Machine

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  Oat flaking mill will flake your grain and grain pellets with the highest throughput and consistency to produce corn flakes, multigrain flakes, cereal flakes, breakfast cereals and oat flakes, whilst meeting the most stringent food safety and hygiene standards. Oat flaking mill usually can be used in oat, rice, wheat, corn and other grains for complete processing plant.

  Regular rolled oats, which is sometimes called old fashioned oats, are made from kilned, whole groats processed by steaming and flaking. These oat flakes are mostly served as a popular, hot breakfast meal. In addition, they are a primary ingredient in a number of applications such as cookies, breads and granola. The thickness and absorbency can be adjusted to fit your needs. Win Tone oat roller machine can help you get high quality oat flakes.

Oat Roller Machine

Oat Flakes Machine

Oat Flaking Mill

  Win Tone oat roller machine has the following processing steps:

  Naked oats→cleaning→hulling→washing→spin-drying→thermal treatment of enzyme deactivation→cutting→steaming→flaking→drying→cooling→packaging→rolled oats

  1. Cleaning: oat has the similar cleaning process with wheat. The cleaning method is based on the granular size and gravity difference. We can get net oats after several processes of cleaning. The equipments for cleaning are: precleaning machine, vibrating screen, peeling machine, de-ironing separator, rotary screen, specific gravity sieve.

  2. Peeling and whitening: its goal is to whiten and remove dust. It just needs gentle friction to remove oat fur and skin.

  3. Cleaning and spin-drying: peeling, cleaning and then spin-drying.

  4. Thermal treatment of enzyme deactivation: without thermal treatment of enzyme deactivation, oats fat will be oxidized in processing and affects products quality and shelf life. This method can deactivate enzyme, make oat starch burnt and increase baking taste. We use infrared ray or far-infrared heating equipment for this method. After this processing, oats should enter into the next section or should be forced cooling in time to prevent oat grease oxidation of overheating.

  5. Cutting: cutting oats into 1/2- 1/3 granules by drum oat groat cutter. The oats flakes after cutting can keep unanimous and are easily laminated into thin flakes without powder.

  6. Steaming: furtherly deactivating enzyme and sterilizing. Making starch become instant food, and making oats smoothed and softened for flaking. We use retroflex cooking machine for steaming.

  7. Flaking: flaking by double roller flakes machine and keeping the flakes thickness for about 0.5mm. The roller diameter of the flakes machine should be 200mm.

  8. Drying and cooling: drying and making the moisture reduce to 10% below for easy storage. Fluid bed dryer is the ideal drying equipment. Then it needs cooling to normal temperature after drying.

  9. Packaging: we usually adopt material with good gas tightness, such as aluminium film, polypropylene bag and polyester bag. Besides, oat flakes are instant food which has higher sanitary requirement and needs sterile production system.

  Technical parameter of the oat roller machine:


Total Power(kw)

Roller Diameter

Roller Length

Flakes Thickness

Roller RPM

Dimension L*W*H























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