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Complete Buckwheat Processing Plant and Solution
Grain Processing Equipment

Complete Buckwheat Processing Plant and Solution

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Product Information


  WinTone, specialized for more than 25 years in buckwheat dehulling,  masters, in addition to the traditional process for the production of husked buckwheat - a globally unique process, i.e. the wet husking of buckwheat.

  Processing of buckwheat includes cleaning, dehulling, and milling. The aim of dehulling is to separate the groats from the hulls by impact or abrasion of seed against emery stones or steel followed by air or screen separation of groats and hulls. We offer a wide range of dehulling and hull separation processes which you can tailor to your own product.

  The following overview shows machines which are used for the processing of buckwheat. Here, you can find more information about various machines.

        Process Technology

  1. Cleaning

  Intake and pre-cleaning:

  Pre-cleaning is key for a productive milling process. Buckwheat contain impurities and foreign materials. Remove them before storage to increase the service life of your machinery and to create hygienic storage conditions.


  Use the cleaning section to remove contaminants and impurities from the buckwheat.

  2. Hulling

  High capacity hulling

  We have developed hullers especially for buckwheat. These are high-capacity and energy-efficient machines, designed to keep brokens to a minimum.

  3. Optical sorter and grader

  Remove even subtle impurities

  Our optical sorters remove even subtle light and dark color defects, spots, damaged grains and foreign materials. You can even sort based on shape.


  We have designed special grading machines for buckwheat to provide an even distribution of product and an even result.

  4. Bagging

  Where precision counts

  The finished products are either bagged or loaded in bulk. Here it is important to handle the products gently. Precise dosing and weighing are also key. We offer a wide range of manual and fully automated loading and bagging systems.


  High quality products

  With the improvement of processing technology, the utilization rate of various nutrients and functional components including crude protein, crude fat, carbohydrate, ash and flavonoids.

  No loss of nutrition

  On the basis of Tartary Buckwheat fragrant rice technology, the change of soaking from soaking to soaking is not only conducive to the migration of water-soluble components.

  Increase the content of resistant starch

  The addition of cooking process and drying process parameters optimization is more conducive to starch gelatinization, promote the formation of resistant starch, improve the content of resistant starch.

  Secondary dedusting system

  Adopting the secondary dust removal system ensures that there is no dust leakage in the production line and improve safety and health standard.

Buckwheat Processing Plant

Buckwheat Processing Plant

Buckwheat Processing Plant


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