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Buckwheat Cleaning and Dehulling Line

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Product Information


  Buckwheat Cleaning and Hulling Line Technology:

  It includes cleaning, grading, hulling, kernel processing and packaging.

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  Buckwheat Cleaning and Hulling Line Processing Steps:

  A. Cleaning section:before buckwheat processing, we need to clean stones, dust, sand and other impurities from buckwheat.

  The cleaning technology: twice cleaning, twice destoning, once magnetic separation, and auxiliary wind dedusting.

  The detailed cleaning procedures:

  bucket elevator-efficient vibrating sifter and vertical air suction duct- magnetic separator- gravity destoner- bucket elevator- flat rotary sieve- destoner- clean buckwheat.

buckwheat dehulling machine

  B. Buckwheat hulling and kernels processing:

  Hulling: buckwheat is conveyed to double-bin plansifter by elevator and is classified into 6 grades. Each grade of material enters into respective buckwheat hulling machine which can hull the buckwheat and clean the buckwheat surface dust and microorganism meanwhile. After hulling section, buckwheat enters into 3 sets of double-bin plansifters for classifying.

  C. Color sorting (twice color sorting): color sorter separates and selects buckwheat kernels by color difference to improve products purity. After color sorting section, the buckwheat kernels can be directly packaged as end products, or enters into milling section for flour milling.

  D. End products and by-products packaging:

  Different packing methods for end products and by-products: buckwheat kernels and buckwheat flour adopts electronic quantitative packing machine to package due to large yield, while impurities and dust adopts machinery packing cabinet to package considering from the yield and products features.

  Technological design introduction for pneumatic transmission and ventilation dust removal:

  Fine powder and light sundries adopt sealing negative pressure wind conveying. High pressure blower is equipped with new TY series, and medium and low pressure blower adopts 4-72 series. Dedusting system and the high pressure ventilation is both equipped with new type of pulse dust collectors.

  The whole Buckwheat Cleaning and Hulling Line capacity: 5t-500t.

buckwheat hulls and kernels




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