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Fonio Processing Equipment

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Product Information

   How to process fonio seeds?

  Fonio is a West African ancient cereal grain that is considered a superfood because of its high nutritional value. Processing fonio seeds involves several steps:

  1. Harvesting: Fonio seeds are harvested when they are fully matured and the plant has turned yellow.

  2. Threshing: The harvested fonio is then threshed to separate the grains from the straws using a machine called a thresher.

  3. Winnowing: After threshing, the fonio grains are winnowed to remove the chaff using a winnowing machine or manually using a basket.

  4. Cleaning: The cleaned fonio grains are then taken through a cleaning process to remove any impurities using a cleaning machine.

  5. Soaking: The cleaned fonio grains are soaked in water to soften them and reduce the cooking time.

  6. Dehulling: After soaking, the fonio grains are dehulled to remove the outer layers using a dehulling machine.

  7. Drying: The dehulled fonio grains are then dried in the sun or using a dryer machine until they are completely dry.

  8. Milling: The dried fonio grains are milled into flour using a mill machine.

  What machines do we need to process fonio seeds?

       Fonio Seed Processing Plant

       Fonio cleaning---stoner---hulling mill---grading sieve---peeling off------polishing---grading---color sorting---packing.

  The machines required for fonio processing include a thresher, winnowing machine, cleaning machine, soaking tank, dehulling machine, drying machine, and mill machine.

  Win Tone's fonio processing technology

  Fonio processing technology involves the use of appropriate machines and technologies to produce high-quality fonio grains and flour. This technology ensures that the processing is efficient, safe, and sustainable. It also helps to reduce post-harvest losses and increase the shelf life of the fonio grains and flour.


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