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New-Tech Super Palm Fiber-Nut Separator
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New-Tech Super Palm Fiber-Nut Separator

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Product Information

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Palm fiber-nut separator introduction:
New-Tech palm fiber-nut separator or palm kernel nut and fibre separator automatically separates the nuts and fibre evenly. It is very easy to operate. One just needs to push or pull the switch to set the running of the propeller and then switch the blowers on, before drawing the inlet plate to allow the flow of chaff.

Palm fiber-nut separator advantages:
1. Material: Palm nut and fiber mix (chaff).
2. Mechanical/ gravity separation
3. High efficiency
4. It is automatic and has easy operation.

Working principle of palm fiber-nut separator :
The constant speed of the propeller makes even feeding of chaff into the perforator well loosen for fiber to be blown into the vacuum chamber for onward redirection to the outlet. Nuts flow by their circular nature as a result of gravity along the slope of the perforator. The calculated distance of the wind blowers makes a perfect cleaning of the nuts to exit through the vent at the extreme end of the machine to be collected into a basin or for onward carriage by worm elevator. Weight differences between nuts and fiber per the relative velocity enables the machine to work in such a perfect manner.
There are three models of the machine, the capacity is from400kg/h to 1000kg/h.

Main technical parameters of palm fiber-nut separator :


Wooden case

Packaging & Delivery of palm fiber-nut separator : 
Packaging Details:
Export Standard
Delivery Details:
10 working days



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