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FMFQ Pneumatic Flour Mill

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Product Information

FMFQ pneumatic flour mill introduction:
The FMFQ pneumatic flour mill is once formed by compression moulding without any scratch and has high precision. The special welding technology makes the machine have high strength without any weld mark. The surface is painted by electrostatic painting technology, which is lustrous, flat, wear resistant and durable without crack and peeling.

pneumatic flour mill.jpg

Pneumatic flour mill structure:
FMFQ flour mill integrates with newest concepts and design ideas, whose appearance, control system and configuration have reached advanced international level, and is a great breakthrough in domestic flour mill industry.

Main features of pneumatic flour mill:
1. Professional domestic modeling designer designs the appearance. The whole machine is exquisite, beautiful and flexible due to perfect combination of plane, straight, curve and filament lines.
2. All the steel sheets are CRS and HRS from Shang hai Bao Steel Plant, smooth and delicate.
3. Observation tube is made of steel plate and organic glass, strong and easily demounted. It protects the electronic level indicator in avoidance of affecting the signal.
4. The feeding roller is driven by gear motor, not only reducing number of spare parts but labor for maintenance. It can be driven by traditional pneumatic clutch according to the client’s requirements, convenient to maintain.
5. The double air flues avoid condensation and powder spraying due to unreasonable air flow, effectively decreasing noise.
6. The feeding door opens as the level of the materials. It is wide open when the level is high and small when it is low, which effectively guarantees grinding result.
7. The rolling clearance adjustment system cancels traditional control arm and lifts the pressure spring to pulling rod. The adjusting cylinder flexibly and precisely regulates distance between rollers.

Operation control of pneumatic flour mill:
1. Automatical, manual and remote control methods.
2. The feeding door and roller is controlled by gravity sensing system according to flow and level of the materials.

Configuration of pneumatic flour mill:
1. The grinding rollers are cast by electric stove, the roller heads are thermal refined.
2. The bearings are HRB, ZWZ and LYC, others are all from Luoyang Bearing Company.
3. The tooth wedge is the best in China from Zhejiang Sanmen Sanxing Company, big driving power and life span.
4. Steel sheets are made from Shang Hai Bao Steel Plant.
5. The good quality durable galvanized bolts are over 8.8 strength level.
6. The above configuration greatly reduces the operation costs.

Parameter of pneumatic flour mill:

Diameter of roller× length (mm)
Fast roller speedr/min
Speed ratio of fast and slow rollers
 1.14:1   1.25:1   1.5:1   2:1   2.5:1
Speed range of front feeding rollerr/min
Speed ratio between feeding rollers
 3:1    2.5:1    2:1     1.5:1   1:1
Power of feeding roller motor   kw
Motor for half flour mill
Pole number6     power 530 kw
Diameter and slot number of main belt pulley
diameterφ355    slot number4,6
Pneumatic pressure   Pa
Diameter runout of roller body (MM)
Dimension (mm)
See in drawing 1
Weight (Kg)

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