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TDTG Series Bucket Elevator
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TDTG Series Bucket Elevator

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Product Information


TDTG series bucket elevator introduction:
TDTG series bucket elevator is chosen as the elevator. All the sheets adopt good quality cold steel from Shanghai Baoshan iron and steel plant, which has high strength and good toughness, and is precise, flat and beautiful. The head and the end use 4-6mm sheets and the middle part uses 2-2.5mm. The inlet and outlet are installed with wear proof demountable super polymer plates; the head and the end have sight hole for maintenance; the outlet is installed with regulation plate to prevent flow returning and increase efficiency. The main wheel is glued to reduce slipping and is equipped with sensitive backstop device. U shape cover is connected with flat plate and sealed together. The flanges are sealed by 2mm rubber.

The bucket elevator has anti-explosion mouth to prevent explosion of the dust. The tensioning gear uses screws, convenient regulated.

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