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PDG Control Cabinet
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PDG Control Cabinet

  • Manufacturer: WinTone Machinery
  • Customization: Can be customized
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  • Production cycle: 3-15 days for different equipment
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Product Information

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PDG control cabinet features and description:
*It has steel structure, and the side plates are tightly connected by screws. The cabinet shell is made of high quality steel plate, and is mechanically strong;
*The cabinet door is installed with hinges and is demountable;
*It can be used separately or in the plant, and has inlet and outlet cables at bottom;
*It consists of busbars, components, instruments and shell;
*The door and the shell are welded with screws, which ensures good connection between the shell and the earth;
The cabinet is manufactured to match complete sets of equipments, used in alternating current of 50HZ or 60HZ, rated insulation voltage 500V, rated current no more than 800A. It is usually installed near the machines for local or remote control of single and multiple motors.

PDG control cabinet technical parameter:

Rated insulation voltage
Rated working frequency
Rated working voltage
Rated working current

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