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Coriander Seeds Destoner Machine Coriander Cleaning Machine
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Coriander Seeds Destoner Machine Coriander Cleaning Machine

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Product Information

Coriander Seeds Destoner Machine Coriander Cleaning Machine


Coriander Seeds Destoner Machine is suitable for seed company, state farms, agricultural production units and food enterprises to use. It can also clean different grainsby  changing sieve. It consists of a de-stoner, a vibratory sifter, bucket elevator and motors.

coriander seeds gravity destoner

seeds cleaning machine

combined cleaning and destoner machine

Working Principle:
The sifter is applied for the removal of impurities for efficient separation of leaves, waste , broken pieces inside and other high-density impurities from the stream of grain according to the difference in specific weight.
The de-stoner removes stones and pebbles,glass, metals and other high density impurities.  

pepper seeds destoner



1. Craft stable performance
2. Reliable operation
3. Rugged adjustment
4. Convenient maintenance

grain suction gravity destoner

Details of each parts:

Coriander Seeds Destoner Machine 


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