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Sesame Cleaning and Peeling Machine
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Sesame Cleaning and Peeling Machine

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Product Information

Sesame Cleaning and Peeling Machine introduction:

The sesame cleaning and peeling machine is with vertical structure, fully and effectively used internal space, small volume, simple structure, easy to operate, and low rate of repair and maintenance, with short process time for soak, hull remove and separation, and with high production efficiency and high product yield.

Sesame Cleaning and Peeling Machine

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Requirements for raw materials
pure sesame kernel rate: ≥ 98% 
impurity:≤0.5%Dehulled sesame seed product quality standard
1).appearance: The surface pure white and glossy, with full kernels and without the mildew. 
2).smell: Pure sesame seed fragrance; Does not have the unusual smell.
3.moisture: ≤ 5%;
4.Impurity: ≤ 0.1%
5.hull remaining rate: ≤0.2%
6.dehull rate:≥99%
7.sesame kernel yield rate: ≥80% 

Product quality is good.At present, this technological process of sesame cleaning and peeling machine has been used by the majority of domestic and overseas sesame kernel production enterprises. 
Sesame Huller, which is developed by our company, is a professional equipment for sesame hull remove and separation covering the process of soak, hull remove and separation from kernel.

Sesame cleaning and peeling machine working process



Raw sesame seed - Cleaning up - Soak - Hull remove - Hull and kernel separation - Dehydration - Drying - Selecting - Packing - End product
Raw sesame to be soaked and then sesame kernel and hull to be separated by washing so that this technological process is to be called wet sesame kernel technological process.


Cleaning: to remove the big and small impurities, stones and sand by grain cleaning and destoner machine; to remove the metallics by magnetic separation equipment so as to improve sesame purity. 
Removing the sesame that is not full: to remove by rotary sieve.
Color sorter: to remove the kernels with different colors by computer color sorter. 
Sesame grading: to select similar sesame by classifying equipment
Soaking: to convey sesame to blender by transmitting tube according to 1.3% caustic soda flakes and sesame gravity and soak sesame for 20-30 minutes in water.
Peeling: to adopt vertical cylinder peeler and make sesame have relative movement in the container. To remove the sesame skin by making use of the friction among the sesame seeds. 
Separation of skin and kernel: to make the sesame skin soften by adopting the best soaking technology. To separate the skin and kernel by using the volume difference between sesame skin and kernel. In the automatic separator with sinking structure, the water flow can take sesame skin away and kernels are left. 
Drying: Sesame and water gravity ratio: 1:2; throwing for 15-20 minutes, drying and entering into centrifugal machine; drying for 5-10 minutes under 120℃; then conveying finished products to the end products warehous


 Sesame Cleaning and Peeling Machine


Sesame Cleaning and Peeling Machine


Sesame Cleaning and Peeling Machine


sesame peeling machine



Technical Parameter of sesame cleaning machine peeling machine


Model Capacity(T/24h) Power(kw) Voltage(v) Plant Requirements(m) Electrothermal furnace
WT-200 20 49 380 25*10*6.5 2T/075TYPR/800TYPE/160KW 
WT-300 30 53 380 27*10*6.5 2T/075TYPR/1000TYPE/260KW
WT-400 40 80 380 30*11*6.5 4T/100TYPE
WT-500 50 95 380 32*12*7 4T/100TYPE
WT-600 60 105 380 32*12*7 6T/120TYPE
WT-800 80 156 380 33*12*7 10T/120TYPE
WT-1000 100 169 380 35*12*7 10T/140TYPE
WT-1200 120 190 380 37*12*7 14T/140TYPE
WT-1400 140 260 380 40*12*7 16T/160TYPE


Sesame Cleaning and Peeling Machine







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