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Sunflower Seed Cleaning Machine Sunflower Seed Cleaner

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Product Information


Seed Cleaning Machine

Seed Cleaning Machine

Seed Cleaning Machine

Seed Cleaning Machine

Function and features of sunflower seed cleaning machine set:
QLKR800 sunflower seed cleaning machine set has obtained the national patent. It belongs to the domestic advanced seed cleaning machine. It can remove various impurities in the sunflower seeds, such as stone, glass, metal, hair and so on. It is the ideal secondary fine cleaning machine before sunflower seeds packaging. The sunflower seed cleaning machine has the features of easy operation and good cleaning efficiency.

Sunflower seed cleaning machine set mainly consists of feeding hopper, four circular vibrating screens, machine for removing heavy impurities, vibration suction type cleaning machine for light impurities, deironing device, screen without sieve pits, two combined type screw elevators and the concentration control cabinet.

Sunflower seed cleaning machine technological process:
Feeding- elevating- once removing heavy impurities and broken kernels - twice removing heavy impurities – elevating- removing light and small impurities and deironing- end products

Main technical parameter of sunflower seed cleaning machine:
Machine capacity:10.34kw (380V)
Processing capacity:0.8t/h(according to different materials)
Impurities content after cleaning:≤0.1% (without hair, stone, metal and glass)
Broken rate:it can be controlled within 3-10% (less than half of the kernel is called broken seed)
Floor space:8.8m×5.5m
Installation height:3.4m
Equipment weight:5.2 t


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