Nuts Dehulling and Separating Machine

Hazelnuts Dehulling and Separating Machine
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Hazelnuts Dehulling and Separating Machine

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Product Information


  Hazelnuts Dehulling and Separating Machine is composed of pre-handling and drying, intaking cleaning, screening, grading, dehulling & milling. All equipment in this process adopts a fully enclosed and fully negative pressure dust removal system, which subverts the traditional shelling processing technology and overcomes many pain points of excessive dust in the production workshop and not meeting the requirements of the environmental assessment.

Hazelnuts Dehulling and Separating Machine

Hazelnuts Dehulling and Separating Machine


  1. Hazelnuts Cleaning

  Once the plants have been harvested, they are transported off the fields and stored indoors to be cleaned carefully and dried under optimal conditions. Our cleaning system includes mechanical screening (sieving), grading, and gravity stone separation. Hemp seed grader separates the seeds according to their size, thereby allowing processors to allocate batches of sorted seeds to further processing according to their applications.

  2. Hazelnuts Dehulling and Separating

  When hemp seeds are cultivated for food processing, it is necessary to remove the outer shells, which can be called “dehulling”, thereby maintaining their quality and integrity  for further oil extracting and  hemp cake or hemp meal, which is the base substance used for the production of hemp protein powder.

  We developed de-hulling & separating unit to shell the hemp seed. Due to the high oil content, the mixture after de-hulling inside the chamber of de-hullers will stick to the inner wall of the de-hullers easily, the special unit cleans up at any time. After de-hulling, the seeds are separate into shells and un-shelled hemp seeds and kernels.

Hazelnuts Dehulling and Separating Machine


  Efficient cleaning and grading process

  The cleaning process is perfect and the cleaning effect is good. The workshop is dust-free and meets environmental requirements;

  Exclusive shelling process

  Using hierarchical peeling process, the peeling rate is high, the kernel rate is high, and the kernel crushing rate is low;

  Advanced shell and kernel separation process

  Adopt graded skin suction technology, which is more convenient to adjust the air volume, and the effect of suction shell is better;

  Customized grain separation process

  A customized grain sieve is used for kernel separation.

Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Rated voltage(v) Dimension(mm)
LTKH 30*4 0.8-1.2 1.5*4+0.2*4 380 2200*772*2259.5




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