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Chinese Pearl Barley Dehulling Machine Job's Tears Dehuller
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Chinese Pearl Barley Dehulling Machine Job's Tears Dehuller

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Product Information

Chinese pearl barley is also called job's tears or coix seeds. The chinese believes that the coix seeds are diuretic, anti-swelling, pus-expelling and cooling. It is therefore most commonly recommended to people suffering from stiff and painful joints, rheumatism, warts and eczema. Findings from recent scientific research conducted by Japanese scientists have been positive.

Chinese pearl barley processing technology can realize high dehulling effect. It has no broken rate and has very low energy consumption. The Chinese pearl barley dehulling machine has been applied in many coix seeds processing enterprises.
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Technological process of Chinese pearl barley dehulling machine:
cleaning- dehulling- whitening- color sorting- classifying- packaging

Technology details of Chinese pearl barley dehulling machine:
Cleaning- the unprocessed Chinese pearl barley is conveyed to highly efficient vibrating screen by the elevator. The big and light impurities in the grains can be removed. Then it enters into the gravity classifying destoner machine which is equipped with the magnetic separator. The machine can further remove the metal, paddy, sand, dust from the grains so as to ensure the purity of the subsequent processing material.
This design for Chinese pearl barley or coix seeds cleaning includes two sections of magnetic separation, two sections of cleaning, two sections of stone removing, with auxiliary wind power cleaning in the process so as to realize complete cleaning and reduce energy consumption.

Dehulling- after cleaning, the net material enters into the classifying equipment for classifying. The Chinese pearl barley dehulling machine dehulls the coix seeds and separates the job’s tears hull from the kernels. The dehulling process is quick and has high-speed stability.

Whitening- after dehulling, the Chinese pearl barley can be divided into two grades. We adopt the professional Chinese pearl barley whitening equipment and polishing equipment to whiten and polish the coix seeds to further improve the coix seeds surface finish degree.

Color sorting- we can sort the coix seeds in the color sorter according to the seeds color difference.

Grading- after color sorting, we can grade the Chinese pearl barley into different grades according to the granular size to improve end products value. 
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