Nuts Dehulling and Separating Machine

Bancoul Nuts or Tung Seeds Dehulling and Separating Equipment
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Bancoul Nuts or Tung Seeds Dehulling and Separating Equipment

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Product Information

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[Functions and Features]


On the basis of existing patented products of our company, Bancoul nuts or tung seeds dehulling and separating equipment is a brand-new product and it’s an original technology and therefore there is no similar product found yet worldwide currently. It can be used to size, dehull, remove shells and separate nuts-kernels works properly. The application of frequency technique in dehullers can adjust the frequency rate anytime according to the different size and water content of materials to guarantee the dehulling efficiency and percentage of whole kernels, meanwhile after dehulling the equipments adopts vibrating pneumatic separator to separate the shells and light impurities. The vibrating pneumatic separator works in this way: after dehulling among the mixture of materials, the shells and light impurities are sucked out by the air stream to settlement chamber during their falling down, and meanwhile the seeds and kernels will fall onto the vibrating separating screen for separation. It features easy operation, high degree of automation, safe and reliable, beautiful and durable.




Sizing unit consists of input hopper, elevator, sizing machine

Dehulling and separating unit consists of input hopper, elevator and dehulling and separating part.


[Technical parameters ]

Power:7.73kw (380v 3 phase 50Hz)
Input capacity: 0.4-0.5mts/hour
% of seeds in final kernels: 8-10% max.
Space occupied:12.4m×2.8m
Height: 2.8m

Weight in total : 1.5mts (sizing unit) + 2.2mt (dehulling & separating unit)

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