Nuts Dehulling and Separating Machine

Pakistani Pinenuts Dehulling and Separating Machine
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Pakistani Pinenuts Dehulling and Separating Machine

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Product Information

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Pine Nut Dehuller




Pine Nut Dehuller


[Functions and Features]


Pinenuts dehulling and separating machine is our company’s patented product with independent intellectual property. It’s an original technology, which can be used to size, dehull and separate your job’s tears, and meanwhile the un-hulled seeds will go back to dehullers for re-hulling automatically.
The pinenuts dehullers combined the friction and impacting force perfectly to achieve high dehulling efficiency and meanwhile broken rate is greatly reduced. The rollers inside the dehullers can be adjusted according to different size of pinenuts, thus the dehulling rate is increased and broken rate is reduced at the same time. And we adopt the best performance positive-pressure combo gravity-separator to separate the pine kernels from the shells. It features easy operation, high degree of automation, safe and reliable, beautiful and durable and extensive application




Sizing unit consist of input hopper, elevator and sizing machine.
Dehulling unit consists of input hopper, elevator, dehullers (it varies with different kinds of pinenuts), separating screen, laminated spring plate conveyor.
Shells-removing unit consists of input hopper, spiral elevator, shell-kernels separator and twin-outlet elevator.



[Technical parameters ]

Power: 9.68kw (380v 3phase 50Hz)
Input capacity: 800-1000kg/hour
Input capacity of dehulling unit:150-180kg/hour
% of whole kernels: 98% min.
Height: 3.0m
Weight: 4.0t


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