Nuts Dehulling and Separating Machine

Foxnut Dehulling and Separating Machine
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Foxnut Dehulling and Separating Machine

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Product Information


[Functions and Features]


Foxnut dehulling and separating machine is our company’s patented product with the independent intellectual property, which is the optimum equipment for foxnut processing among the similar products worldwide currently. Right after precleaning and sizing, and one by one the individual foxnut will go for dehulling, shell-kernel separation, seed-kernel separation and meantime the un-hulled foxnut will go back to dehullers automatically for 2nd round of dehulling.It’s a dry method processing for hulled foxnut. It features higher automation, non-stop processing, higher recovery of hulled foxnut and better effect for removing shells.




The equipment consists of input hopper, elevator, dehulling and separating unit and electric control cabinet.


 foxnut dehulling and separating machine

[Technical parameters ]

Power: 9.64kw (380v 3phase 50Hz)
Input capacity: 200-300kg/h min.
Foxnut fit for dehulling in mm:6-13mm
% of the whole dehulled foxnut: 65-80% min.(varies with raw materials)
% of dehulled foxnut in halves: 10-15%min.
% of brokens: 10-15% max.
Space occupied: 5.5m × 3.0m
Height: 2.8m


Foxnut dehulling and separating equipment


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