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NF280 Quinoa Peeling Machine
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NF280 Quinoa Peeling Machine

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Product Information

  NF-280 is mainly used for peeling and polishing of corn, millet, sorghum, quinoa and rice. The material is squeezed between the rotating drum and the sieve for peeling, peeling, germ removal, black spot removal, and polishing. Under the action of wind The kernel chaff is separated, and the bran and impurities are collected by a cyclone suction separator.


  Wide range of applications

  NF-280 grain peeling and polishing machine is mainly used for peeling and polishing (corn, millet, quinoa, orghum, rice);


  In some areas lacking electricity, diesel engines can also be configured as power transmission;

  Easy to operate and maintain

  The size ratio of the ballast can be adjusted according to the customer's needs, and it is a good helper for external processing;

  Low energy consumption

  One motor can drive, save energy, and occupy a small area;


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