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Stainless Steel Oat Steamer
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Stainless Steel Oat Steamer

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  Before flakes, there was steam by injecting steam via a hollow shaft directly into the product, the temperature rises to up to 100 degrees Celsius. In the subsequent tempering tank, the heat penetrates to the core of the product, resulting in starch gelatinisation and the deactivation of the lipolytic enzymes. The steamer, pre-bin, and the entire tempering zone are made of stainless steel, just like with all our machines for the hydrothermal segment.

oat steamer



  How to produce a consistent quality in the grain

  The steamer directs saturated steam to different points in the raw material – distributing the vapor evenly in the product. The steamer's cylindrical design helps create a consistent flow of material. The system also balances temperature and moisture in the retention zone. All this is designed to produce an even steaming process and consistent quality in the grain.


  Designed for quick and easy maintenance

  The steamer has no moving parts, saving time on maintenance.

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