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YMTK56 Centrifugal Oat Dehulling Machine Oat Sheller
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YMTK56 Centrifugal Oat Dehulling Machine Oat Sheller

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Product Information

YMTK56 Centrifugal oat dehulling machine or oat sheller introduction:

Product details

In the processing of oats, the oats husk need to be shelled by oat shelling machine and then get the naked oats.

Dehusked oats are processed by cleaning the stoneand imputry and removing awns and other harmful substances on the surface to become premium oats.The oat hulling machine and oat peeling and awning equipment are particularly critical in the  whole process of oat processing 


YMTK56 Centrifugal Oat Dehulling Machine




YMTK56 Oat Centrifugal Dehulling Machine Working Principle:

China Win Tone Machinery designed ,researched  and produced YMTK56 centrifugal oat sheller through absorbing Swiss's oatmeal shelling technology and optimizing and improving Inner Mongolia oats.

The oats are put into the centrifugal disk groovefrom the feeding port on the cover with guide groove in centrifugal disk. The materials are throw out in the fixed direction under the action of high-speed spinning centrifugal disk, thrown materials hitting the ring around. Oats are completely separated from the oat hulls and kernels cyclical impact force.

After separating the materials, the mixture of skin and kernel is discharged into the next process from the outlet.  




The machine has the advantages of compact structure, high production efficiency, good shelling performance, long service life,easy operation and maintenance.


YMTK56 Oat Centrifugal dehulling Machine Application Areas:

The shelled oats were screened out by screening equipment. This oat centrifugal dehulling machine is the ideal equipment for oat processing.  YMTK56 oat shelling machine represents China's high-quality technical equipment and successfully exported to Japan, South Korea, Brazil and other countries with cost-effectiveness and professionalism.


YMTK56  Centrifugal Oat dehulling Machine Parameters:

Power: 3 kW

Hulling rate: 85%

Finished products ratio: shell 25% oats 75%

Whole kernel rate: 97%

Capacity: 0.3-0.5 tons / hour

Land area: 1029*788*1700 mm

Weight: 300 kg

Note: The data comes from the unassorted oats test-running, and the hulling effect will be improved for production line.


Raw Grain:

YMTK56 Centrifugal Oat Dehulling Machine



Final Product:

YMTK56 Centrifugal Oat Dehulling Machine



Win Tone also has MTPS oat peeling machine, which can remove the oat awn while retaining the aleurone blanket. In addition, Win Tone can design various projects for oat processing according to customer demand. ‬

Working Video 

 YMTK56 Centrifugal oat dehulling machine, oat sheller







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