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HTP Centrifugal Oat Huller
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HTP Centrifugal Oat Huller

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Product Information

  Description and Function

  Oat huller is designed with centrifugal type for precise and efficient hulling of oats. Oat kernels are throws out under the action of a high-speed rotating centrifugal disk. There are some guide paths in the centrifugal disc to make oat grains keep a fixed direction and impact the surrounding circle, sothat the husk is separated from the kernel and deflected downwards to the two product outlet pipes. It is a professional hulling machine for Chinese naked oats or Australian hulled oats.

Centrifugal Oat Huller

Centrifugal Oat Huller

  Advantages and Features

  1. High hulling efficiency

  The huller is characterized by a high throughput and optimal hulling degree with minimum breakage, providing a consistent output of quality product.The first hulling rate can reach 85%, and the breaking rate is less than 4%

  2. Automatic and intelligent control

  Application of PLC integrated control system can realize intelligent and automatic control.

  3. Designed for a long service life

  A continuous up-and-down motion of the impact ring maximizes the impact zone. Together with the robust housing and lifting mechanism, this ensures low wear and tear on the machine and a long service life.

  4. Flexible application

  Throughput of up to 4000 kg per hour.Variable speed adjustment of impact hulling to adapt to different varieties of oats.

  5. Low energy consumption and good stability

  The energy consumption of equipment operation is low, and the production line can run stably and continuously


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  Technical Index

Model Yield(kg/h) Rated voltage 
Power(kw) Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)
HTP-60 800 380 3 1029×788×710
HTP-80 3000-4000 380 7.5 1253×1253×1928



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