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Oat Hulling Machine Oat Dehuller Oat Processing Equipment

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Product Information

Oats hulling and separating machine, or oat dehuller introduction:
This machine is specially designed to hull, remove shells, separate and re-separate for oats. And un-hulled oats will be returned back to dehuller for re-hulling again automatically.

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Oat hulling machine components:
It consists of input hopper, bucket elevator, main part of the machinery (including: 2 sets of dehuller, separating screen for shell-seeds-kernels, separating screen for seeds-kernels, shells-discharging device), re-separator, kernels collector, pneumatic device for back-flowing materials and electric control cabinet.

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Oat hulling machine process procedures:
Raw materials(oat) are fed into the input hopper 1 to the bucket elevator 2, then elevated by bucket elevator to the dehuller 3 for hulling. The mixture of shells, seeds and kernels will fall onto the shell-seed-kernel separator 4 to separate shells from seeds and kernels after hulling. Through the cyclone, shells discharger discharges all shells. After removing shells, seeds and kernels are conveyed to seed-kernel separator 5 to separate seeds from kernels. After separating, the kernels will move forward to the re-separator for removing pin-shaped shells 7 while the un-hulled seeds move backward to the bucket elevator 2 and then goes to the dehuller for re-hulling. and then goes to shell-seed-kernel separator 4 for separating shells from seeds and kernels. Materials that have already entered into re-separator for removing pin-shaped shells 7will be removed small and broken shells first, then the front part after fine separating work will eject and collected by the kernels collector, while the unhulled seeds together with few kernels will move backward to the inlet of the materials back-flowing device 6 and then go to seed-kernel separator to re-separate again.

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Oat hulling machine operation methods:
1). Feeding in raw materials when the equipment works well and adjusting the outlet height of the feed-in hopper so as to make the raw materials feed equably and the output match with the variety of raw materials.
2). Checking the actual result of the shells- seeds-kernels separator, if too many shells in the front of the sieve coming out, the volume of the blowing is too small, then adjust the register of the cyclone, decrease the opening of the register to increase the volume of blowing. On the contrary, it’s opposite.
3). Adjust the figures on the frequency inverter according to the different types of raw materials and percentage of whole kernels required. The smaller of the figure, the higher of whole kernels, while the rate of hulling and output volume shall be correspondingly lower. The higher of the figure, the lower of percentage of the whole kernels, while the rate of hulling and output volume shall be correspondingly higher, on the other hand, the frequency should be decreased if the moisture content of raw material is lower.
4). Checking the actual result of the seeds-kernels separator, if too many seeds in the front of the sieve coming out and meanwhile too many kernels at the back of sieve are returning to the elevator for second round hulling, the angle of the sieve should be adjusted. First, loosen the locked bolt and adjust the angle of sieve by the hand-wheels and lock the bolt again when finishing adjustment.

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Oat hulling machine technical parameters:
Power: 12.54Kw
Input capacity: 1000 kgs/hour
Whole kernels rate: 95% min.
Final kernels yield rate: 2% max.
Occupied area: 7.3m × 2.8m
Height: 3.9m
Weight: 4.5t
Operator: 2 workers

Oat hulling machine application environment:
1. Power supply: Three-phase 380V 50 Hz, and the voltage fluctuation range is in-between±10%.
2. The room temperature should be controlled within the range of -10℃ to 40℃. The frequency inverter could be damaged and the motor can not run normally if the room temperature is under -10℃.
3. Workshop shall be well leveled floor, clean and tidy, all the passage shall be free of obstacles. Of course the workshop shall be well covered and free from rain or snow.
4. This equipment is no side effects at all to environment, no harmful gas or liquid emission.

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