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30TPD Complete Set Millet Processing Line
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30TPD Complete Set Millet Processing Line

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Product Information

Complete Set Millet Processing Line 

Complete Set Millet Processing Line is used for making fine millet such as gold millet. The complete Process include three part:

Use magnetic selector removing the metal
The vibrating screen is used for separating other impurities.
Destoner is used for removing the stone.
Use the paddy husker separating the shell and use the polishing machine make the millet brightly.

Use the suction separator separating the light impurities.

Use the color sorter screening the fine millet.
4. Measuring and Packing
Automatic packing scale is used for packing the millet.

Complete Set Millet Processing Line Core Equipment and Function: 

Complete Set Millet Processing Line is mainly used for processing high quality millet.


1. Bucket  Elevator is mainly used to transport millet in complete processing line.

2. Vibrating sieve is specially used for separating the impurities from millet.

3. After cleaning, millet will be transported into proportion Stoner to separate the stone from the millet.

4. Next the millet into the Hulling machine  to remove the shell. It can separate the shell from the paddy husk mixture through the suction effect.



millet milling line

5. The millet that has removed the shell will be into the Iron Polishing Machine. The machine is mainly used for cleaning the millet to make them look brightly. It is one of the key processing millet.

6. Then, the Suction Separator will separate the low gravity impurities(such as hull, dust etc.) from the millet.

7. Out from the suction separator ,the millet into the Color Sorter to get more high quality millet, white millet and break millet will be passed.

8. Last, high quality millet will be packed by the Automatic Packaging Scales.


millet processing line



Complete Set Millet Processing Line Features and Advantages: 
The equipment for the production of raw materials without adding any additives, pure natural green food crops, truly realize the modern fine coarse grains to eat the food new fashion.
The equipment production process of low noise, no pollution, no waste, easy to clean, the product particle size.
Equipment operation is simple, mechanization degree is high, it is the ideal choice that modern agriculture produces an enterprise to get rich. 


 Complete Set Millet Processing Line Technical Parameter: 

Production Capacity(T/D)












Power Consumption(kw)







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