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DTP30×2 Soybean/Peas Peeling Machine with large capacity
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DTP30×2 Soybean/Peas Peeling Machine with large capacity

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Product Information


  The DTP30*2 soybean/pea peeling machine is a new type of soybean peeling equipment necessary in high-quality production process, which is suitable for oil processing factory and soybean product processing factory. This unit is mainly used for peeling soybeans, and peas. It can be used alone equipped with dust system and also used in bean processing line.

  How to adjust

  Put the cleaned soybeans or peas into the feeding hopper and then adjust the handwheel to maximize the gap between the grinding heads.Open the feeding gate to watch the peeling effect. Adjust the handle according to the direction indicated on the dashboard until the peeling quality of the product is satisfactory. When the processing is about to be completed, the adjustment handle should be adjusted to make the grinding core separate.

  Product advantages

  Compared with the traditional soybean peeling machine, this new type of equipment has the following characteristics:

  1. This series of soybean peeling machine is a large-scale peeling machine dedicated for soybeans and peas;

  2. The unit can be equipped with a large soybean dehulling and kernel production line, or it can be equipped with an independent dust collector to be used alone;

  3. Low investment and high return: high peeling rate and output rate, and low breaking rate. 90% yield of finished products  will increase your revenue;

  4. With low energy consumption and large output, it is the largest and most advanced soybean dehulling unit in output today;

  Technical Parameter:





Peeling rate


Broken rate


Wind pressure


Air volume




Spindle speed for splitting


Spindle speed








90-98 (Moisture9-10%)

2-5 (Based on moisture)

989- 1578











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