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DTPZ-26 Bean Peeling & Separating Unit Soybean &Peas Peeling Machine
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DTPZ-26 Bean Peeling & Separating Unit Soybean &Peas Peeling Machine

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Product Information

  DTPZ-26 Bean Peeling & Separating Unit Soybean &Peas Peeling Machine

  Product Introduction

  DTPZ-26 Bean peeling and separating unit is an innovative new-generation combined bean peeling and separation equipment, which is researched and designed by China Win Tone Machinery, extensively investigated by the market, tested repeatedly, and continuously optimized.

  Soybean &Peas Peeling Machine is mainly used for the automatic peeling and separation of soybeans and peas, especially for small and medium-sized bean processing plants or soy products factories.




  Features & Advantages

  1. Reasonable appearance and compact structure;

  2. Work smoothly and have a long service life;

  3. Large output and high production efficiency;

  4. Automatic feeding, automatic separation, reducing labor costs and reducing labor intensity;

  5. It can separate the powder, crushed kernels and skin impurities, and the separation is clear, not mixed with each other, high raw material yield and utilization rate without waste.

  Processed Soybeans:

Bean peeling&separating unit

  Soybeans bran:

Bean peeling&separating unit

  Processed Peas:

  Technology Parameter
























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