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Product Information

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BEAN FLOUR MILLIGN MACHINE can grind various bean kernels into 80-200 meshes fine bean powder. Bean flour milling machine utilizes high frequency vibration principle to strike, rub, squeeze and cut soybean by the super strength stainless steel blade with accelerated speed in the grinding canister. And the bean flour milling machine can reach ideal grinding effect in the shortest time.

The mesh of the bean flour granularity can be adjusted between 80-200 meshes by the inner air classification device. It can also prevent excessive bean flour milling. The mating water-cooling system makes the material not invarianced in processing. It can control material temperature in the processing.

Bean flour milling machine has wide application in pharmacy, food processing and chemical industries. It has won the national patent and the quality is well received by the customers from all over the world.
Our bean flour milling machine has low investment, easy operation and maintenance methods. It also has low energy consumption and small space usage.


Bean flour milling machine technical parameter:
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