• MTPS25S White Kidney Bean Skin Peeling Machine Peeler
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      White Kidney Bean Skin Peeling Machine Introduction:
      MTPS25S White Kidney Bean Skin Peeling Machine can be used as the supporting equipment in bean processing technology or as the single peeling equipment.



      The machine is used in the peeling process for bean processing and primary and further peeling process for food processing enterprises. It can be used in series or in parallel in complete processing line according to technological demand. This white kidney bean peeling machine can also process red bean, soybean, mung bean, lentil, etc.; it is suitable for different beans peeling just by changing related technical parameters.


      Main Components:

      MTPS25S White Kidney Bean Skin Peeling Machine is mainly composed of fittings of base frame, main shaft, charging regulation device, charging hopper, channel, air blower parts, cyclone parts, protective cover, propelling chamber, instrument, pressure door, guide cylinder, upper and lower beams, motor base, sieve plate, bearing base, motor, belt.


      MTPS25S White Kidney Bean Skin Peeling Machine Peeler

      WorKing Principle: 

      The material is conveyed by the screw propeller to the peeling chamber which is at the machine’s core part. It utilizes the emery with high speed rotation and cuts and rubs the beans skin continuously, which destroys the bonding strength among bean bran, material skin and endosperm, and makes bean bran separated gradually. Then the material is conveyed to the outlet of the equipment and the peeling process is finished.


      bean bran removing machine

      bean bran removing machine


      White Kidney Bean Skin Peeling Machine Features:
      Its built-in suction and dust removal system ensures the best sanitary conditions. 
      connects with the efficient ventilation system, which ensures reliable discharging of bean bran. It has the powerful cooling system and ensures the high sanitation standard.
      It is easily maintained and operated. 
      It has quick-replaceable sieve plate and other parts. The durable emery roller and less abrasion parts make the equipment easily operated and maintained.


      MTPS25S White Kidney Bean Skin Peeling Machine Technical Parameter:
      Spindle pulley(MM
      Spindle speed (rpm)
      Motor pulley(MM
      4-pole 30KW
      Peeling test:
      The first round (without pressure)
      The second round (without pressure)
      The third round(with pressure)
      Peeling rate(%)
      Breakage rate
      Almost no broken
      Almost no broken
      a little broken


       Raw white kidney bean: 

      white kidney peeling machine

      End products:

      MTPS25S White Kidney Bean Skin Peeling Machine Peeler

      MTPS25S White Kidney Bean Skin Peeling Machine Peeler


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