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Dry Broad Bean Peeling Machine
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Dry Broad Bean Peeling Machine

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Product Information

   Application:It is applicable to broad bean peeling and hull separating equipment for grain enterprises



  Broad bean shelling machine

  This series of broad bean shelling machine is a special shelling machine;

  Direct-connected motor

  It is directly connected to the motor. On the one hand,it reduces the axial force of the bearing,on the other hand,it increases the service life of the bearing. What is more, the sand disc could runs smoothly;

  Adjusting device electrically

  It adjust shelling intensity electrically.Morever,it is simple to operate and could be controlled accurately;

  Controlling the feed volume precisely

  The feed valve adopts an iris shutter structure to prevent jamming and feed evenly.


Broad Bean Dehulling Machine

Broad Bean Dehulling Machine


Broad Bean Dehulling Machine FINISHED PRODUCTS


Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Rated voltage(v) Dimension(mm)
YTC30 0.4 1.5+0.2 380 920*710*1556
YTC30*2 10 45*2+3 380  
YTC30*4 1.6 1.5*4+2*4 380 2200*772*2259


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