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Emery Roll Pearl Barley Peeling Machine Job’s Tears Peeling Equipment
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Emery Roll Pearl Barley Peeling Machine Job’s Tears Peeling Equipment

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Product Information

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MNBS-25YM emery roll pearl barley peeling machine, or job's tears peeling equipment mainly has tow functions: pearl barley peeling and polishing. It is used in pearl barley processing technology as the mating equipment. It has the outstanding features of high yield and low broken rates.

Pearl barley peeling machine working principle:
The pearl barley enters into the polishing chamber by flow adjustment mechanism through feeding hopper and is sent to the emery roll by the spiral head. The pearl barley moves spirally along the emery roll surface and the sharp sand on the emery roll surface which rotates with certain line speed grinds and peels the pearl barley skin. It makes the kernels and kernels, kernels and rice huller screens rub against each other to peel and polish the pearl barley, meanwhile, the bidirection inlet air of the spindle, assisted with strong bran absorption ventilation net, makes the bran powder separate from the kernels and the grinding chamber and discharge from the sieve pore. And the cleaning and airing device at the discharging port can further reduce the pearl barley temperature and realize the secondary cleaning to the end materials.

Pearl barley peeling machine main features:
It adopts axial direction inlet air design, equipped with strong breeze air draft system, and makes the rice temperature low and the bran discharging effect better.
The spile control of the feeding port adopts gear drive structure,which makes the feeding operation more accurate and convenient.
The discharging port is equipped with cleaning and airing device to further lower the rice temperature and realize secondary cleaning to the products.
Unique electric rack, has compact structure and small floor space, which is easily adjusted and maintained.
Wind pressure monitoring device, makes it easier to control the built-in negative pressure on line and keeps the negative pressure of the grinding chamber stable.
To increase grinding size by lengthening emery roll properly.
It optimizes cutting and rubbing methods and reduces the cutting and friction to the rice by the processing accessories at the most.
Bidirection air inlet and multiple air inlet makes the kernels keep fluidifying during polishing.
Mechatronics operation and design makes the operation much easier and the maintenance more convenient.

Main specifications and technical parameter:


Emery Roll Diameter


Emery Roll Length


Spindle Speed






Air Volume











Grade 6



Emery roll pearl barley machine consists of feeding device, grinding chamber, rack and cleaning and airing device.
Feeding device: it consist of feeding hopper, feeding hopper base, flow adjustment door, spile gear drive mechanism. The feeding hopper base is fixed on the feeding port of the rack.
Grinding chamber: it consists of emery roll, spindle, spiral head, bearing pedestal at the feeding end, rice huller screens, beam, huller blade.
Rack: it consists of rack, upper air adjustment board, side door, bran collecting hopper, housing and shield.
Cleaning and airing device: it consist of winnowing housing, bran absorption pipe and pressure door.



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